The Search for Paradise in the World

“The world is not a perfect place but we each search for our little piece of paradise”

This is what Britt Marks is trying to achieve by expressing this feeling through her paintings. She is sending the observer a message ,that beyond hurt and suffering ,there is hope and happiness. She dreams of a fantastic new world, visualizing space for people to live, for love to blossom, for the symbiosis of civilization and nature.

Art is so interpretive...

For example in her painting the “Sky Scraper with Heart Balloons” she reminds us of September 11 through her own turbulent emotions and powerful reflections. The blood-red color symbolizing hurt, grief, pain and the haunting evocation of lost lives, but also reminds us of our feelings for each other, out compassion, our closeness, our joining together to support one another during these terrible times, which in turn helps us rise above it all and endure.

Britt draws inspiration for her work from her many trips to Europe, USA, Mexico, Brazil and many other places in the world, taking pictures with her digital camera that travels with her as a trusty companion. She modifies the images on her computer and then picking up her paintbrush crosses the line from photography to painting to create her art. She believes that photography captures a vision at that precise moment in time, but a painting encompasses a pool of images with added imagination, inspiration and emotion and all this is transferred to canvas with a piece of her soul. Some days she finds that such emotions sap her energy.

She wants to captivate and emotionally arouse people with her work, enabling them to find some happiness and hope, which appear in many different forms. Through the use of vibrant, beautiful color, dancing shapes and her inner passion, she reminds us that 'all is not bad news'.

She creates visions of a new world as she paints her colorful collage.

Prof. Rainer Goetz, Universitat Wurzburg