Art on Canvas

"the delight of being active" painting on canvas from brittmarks

In brittmarks art work " the delight of being active"  you can envision a group of young, good looking women. They are dressed in bright colorful clothing that express their zeal and need to work out. As they stretch before their exercise they seem eager and ready to conquer the task at hand.
 brittmarks  used strong colors, especially red to inspire people to do something for their body and feel the joy of movement.

"Over the 'Golden Gate Bridge' into the world" painting on canvas from brittmarks

The liveness in her art is important to brittmarks.
In the work "Over the' Golden Gate Bridge' into the world" the college girl with her ponytail swinging and her headphones on, is marching to the beat of her own drum. It appears as if she is just starting out. In front of her the' Golden Gate Bridge' in rainbow colors, seems to be the goal of the world. Nothing can stop her! Negativity gets out of her way because the world is her oyster.

" Quardriga" painting on canvas from brittmarks

It seems as if the artist brittmarks is trying to process her German past in the painting " Quardriga". She painted an injured female in front of the Quardriga,
the sculpture on the 'Brandenburg Gate', in Berlin.
The woman gives off a sense of desperation and sadness, but at the same time you get a since that she is a fighter. Like the German people in East and West Germany after the 'fall of the Wall'.
She will endeavor to better herself no matter what life throws her way.
The Quardriga in the back seems as if it is spurring her to continue the fight to better herself for future generations.

‚Äč" Dying beauty of nature" painting on canvas from brittmarks

In the "Dying beauty of nature" brittmarks wanted to capture the stunning view of the Copacabana in Brazil before it disappears. As she sits and faces out over the stunning panorama, appreciating the vibrancy of nature, change is going on all around her. As a human race we strive to better our existence by modernizing the world around us. But as we look at this painting, the question becomes, 
"Is 'modernizing' the right answer instead of eager to change something ?"
Maybe we should stop and look at the beauty that's already there.