Art on Canvas 2

" City Faces" collage on canvas from brittmarks

Dealing with life in a big urban center is the main theme of the artwork 'City Faces' from brittmarks.
The metropolitan city of Chicago shines through a face with big red lips and a slightly sad expression. The predicament with the human face is that it's a forever changing mask that hides who we really are.
brittmarks puts people in a particular environment, like the universe is a stage. On one hand the face looks overwhelmed by the big city, but on the other hand it says " I'm curious what the future will hold ! "

"The dance of love and passion" collage on canvas from brittmarks

The theme of love and passion in art is one of the largest. For visual artist it is a challenge to give their viewers the feeling of great emotion and devotion.
This is one way  brittmarks has chosen to portray this intense feeling in her artwork " The dance of love and passion".The need to be part of this intimate exchange draws the viewer directly into the scene. There is the intense movement of a couple which seems to end in a one being person.With the use of bold reds and brilliant yellows brittmarks was able to evoke a spontaneous feeling of romance. Desires are awakened. A longing for love has been rekindled. 


"Tackle it" collage on canvas from brittmarks

The artist brittmarks conveys in the artwork "Tackle it' a spirit of powerful optimism. In the background there is a horse with a rider holding a sign. It looks like as if he has come from a long struggle and has only one goal in his mind. He desires to win no matter what! Likewise the female outline in the foreground pursues her goal. The intense colors around her is the strength she exudes. Her path is before her and there is no longer a question of       'what should be done'!
The picture is a call to action to do something for yourself and for others.

" Southern Feeling " collage on canvas from brittmarks

The artwork " Southern Feeling " shows a face embedded in the body of a more abstract colorful woman.  It looks like the two women would be united in an almost  mysterious way. brittmarks created the embedded woman in her own likeness and the other woman is her own artistic expression of  South Carolina.The merging of bold blue, golds and reds symbolize the love that German artist brittmarks has for the beautiful country South Carolina, which has become her second home?
all rights by brittmarks