Art on Asrylic Glass

" what makes a woman" collage from brittmarks

In the forefront of the piece " what makes a woman" brittmarks shows flamboyantly jeweled women appearing to have confidence.
Yet, in the background there is a woman simple, clean and alone.
Her downcast expression gives off a feeling of self loathing and sadness.
Almost, as if to ask, " Why am I not as beautiful as they are? "

"Cinderella....." collage from brittmarks

At first look " Cinderella....." seems like a very lonely piece. The colors are
muted and dulled compared to brittmarks other work.
Yet, upon studying the art work more, one realizes the girl is anything but 
lonely. She might not have other people around her, but nature is all she needs to be complete.

" running free" collage from brittmarks

In brittmarks art work" running free"the jeweled cat appears to be a symbolic 
representation of human race and needs to break free from the commotion 
of everyday life.It looks as if brittmarks wanted to show that it is possible to free ones self by running into the loving arms of 'Mother nature'.

" butterfly room" collage from brittmarks

The first impression in "butterfly room" with the ornate chandelier is, that brittmarks wants to give the illusion this is the most important piece.
Yet, the beautiful butterflies are more vibrant and with all the chandelier's
beauty it still can not outshine nature.


​believe me I'm pretty' collage from brittmarks

Artist brittmarks created a girl in the art work 'believe me I'm pretty' that has her own shadow in the back. It seems like she overcame many obstacles to let go of her insecurities and learn to love herself.
She had to break out of her shell and become the beautiful lady she was always supposed to be.