is an international artist of fine art.
Her work includes oil painting, mixed media, photography and sculpture.
Her subjects are the human being and the nature in our consumer world.
By using her love of collaging, painting and adding texture,
brittmarks has been able to create almost 3- D type pieces
that appear to jump off the page at you.
brittmarks with her photo camera
 "the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls"  
Pablo Picasso                      

this is the being of something ............

brittmarks studio on Kiawah Island ,SC,USA
'sister' collage from brittmarks

In the art work "sisters" brittmarks uses her sewing machine to stitch the art paper parts onto canvas. Afterwards, she places several layers of cold wax over the collage to get a special texture and powerful colors.
On the picture you can see a group of women in front of a forest.
It looks as if these women are exiting the woods. The woods symbolize a possible dark time for one or more of these women.
The way brittmarks has collaged the women together makes it seem almost as if together they are powerful, a force to reckoned with, unstoppable.
'believe me I'm  pretty'  collage from brittmarks

Artist brittmarks created a girl in the art work 'believe me I'm pretty' that has her own shadow in the back. It seems like she overcame many obstacles to let go of her insecurities and learn to love herself.
She had to break out of her shell and become the beautiful lady she was always supposed to be.
'jewelry flowers' collage from brittmarks

Every spring we as a human race do not realize the beauty that surrounds us.
In 'jewelry flowers'  brittmarks brought nature to our attention by using rich colors and depth to make the flowers to stand out.
Almost as if to tease us with this eye candy pice of art so that we will be enticed to come enjoy the vibrancy that really comes from nature.

'stiched dream' collage from brittmarks

The collage 'stitched dream' is a beautiful interpretation of a vision brittmarks had.The intricate stitching and the luster of the gorgeous jewelry are not the only things that makes it unique.The fact that a final piece is need to make the ring whole is like brittmarks has left it for us to fill in the rest of our dreams.
'jewelry flowers' collage from brittmarks

Continuing with the theme of nature, 
'jewelry flowers 2' shows the simplicity yet breath taking quality of nature.
This flower looks as if its a beautiful tulip that brittmarks has injected with 
splendor as if to say, "I'm more than just a simple tulip, I'm magnificent."